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Orders & Deliveries
  • What does Subscription Box mean?

    Subscription box is a monthly service where you can subscribe for a period of time ( 1-3-6-12 months) then we send you a box filled with a variety of products which suits your dietary needs.

    The sent products vary between breakfast products, snacks, gluten free toiletries, pasta and much more.

  • When can I subscribe for my box?

    You can subscribe anytime until the 10th of each month to give us the chance to prepare your box for shipping on the 20th of the month.
    If you subscribed after the 10th, your subscription will be moved automatically to the month after.

  • How can I subscribe?

    You can subscribe by filling the form in our website.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    Of course you can. If you’re a subscriber, please inform us before the shipping day (which is the 20th of every month) and we will contact you to arrange the refund. If you’re a new member, please contact us within 5 days of placing your order.

  • Where would my box will be delivered to?

    We deliver within the UAE to your home or your office.

  • How much is the shipping fees?

    Shipping within the UAE is AED 30

  • What is the payment method?

    We accept PayPal and Cash On Delivery. Please note that the payment will be in US Dollars as below (shipping fees are included):

    1 month = AED 330 = $89.85
    3 months = AED 990 = $269.56
    6 months = AED 1980 = $539.09
    12 months = AED 3960 = $1004.66

    Please keep in mind that the price in US dollars could change according to currency rates.

  • When must I pay for my box?

    PayPal payments must be made on the day of your order. And for Cash On Delivery, it will be when the courier company deliver your box.

    Please check the payment policy below:

    1 month subscription: Full payment upon ordering
    3 months subscription: Full payment upon ordering
    6 months subscription: Two payments. First payment for 3 months upon ordering - Second payment after 3 months
    12 months subscription: Two payments. First payment for 6 months upon ordering - Second payment after 6 months

  • Do I need to be available to receive the shipment?

    Our courier will call you before dropping off the box and will arrange the delivery time according to your preference.

  • What if I changed my address?

    You can always update your details in your account, but please do that before the delivery of your next monthly box.

  • Can I return my order?

    Sorry we can’t accept returns. All of the products are hand-selected according to the diet & allergy information which you have provided to us upon ordering. We make sure the products are damage-free and well packed. If you’re not happy with your order, please contact us and we’ll try to resolve the problem.

  • My box didn’t arrive, what should I do?

    Once the box is collected by the courier company, we will inform you via email. If you didn’t receive it within a week from our Shipping Confirmation email, please contact us and we will follow up. Please note that the shipments will be on Hold during weekends or official holidays and will be shipped in the following working day.

  • Can I “pause” my subscription if I was away for a holiday? 

    Of course you can. If you’re going for a short holiday (up to 2 months) just inform us in advance and we’ll hold your boxes until your return. If you’re planning to be away for longer than two months, let us know to “snooze” your orders until your return.

  • Can I buy a gift?

    Of course you can!

    Just click on the Subscribe page, then select (Send as a Gift). Fill the subscription form and choose from Children, Adults or Seniors and the subscription period. We would also need the recipient's email address.

    After completing the payment which is either by Bank Transfer (within 5 days of your order) or PayPal (same day payment), we will send the Gift Code to the recipient via email.

  • How can I use my promotional coupon?

    After receiving the Gift email which contains the Subscription period, subscription category and gift code, go to Subscription page and choose Subscribe Now.

    Fill out the form with the period and category (Children, Adult, Senior) as mentioned in the email along with your personal information,  and then add the gift code in the Gift Code field.

Food & More

  • Which diets do you cater to?

    TreatMeGlutenFree will provide products that are Gluten Free and also according to your diet preferences and allergies. As we hand-pick the items for you, we highly request of you to fill full details of your diet & allergies on the order form as we will not be responsible to any allergy reaction that may occur if the member failed to provide us with the needed information.

  • Do you offer Kids snacks?

    Yes we do! If you have a child that is on a Gluten Free diet and has any other allergies, please fill the full details in the form and we’ll prepare him/her a Kid box!

  • Do you offer options for the seniors? 

    We haven’t forgot about the elderly. We can offer them some “friendly” options such as delicious soups and more. Just select from the Seniors subscription options.

  • I didn’t like one of the products that has been sent to me, what shall I do?

    Sorry to hear you didn't like some of the products sent to you. You can contact us and we will be sure not to send this item to you again.

  • Do I need to store the items in the fridge?

    Most of the sent products do not need to be stored in the fridge, but we advise you to store the dry goods such as flour and grains in an air tight container.

  • I would like to offer my products to your customers. How can I contact you?

    We love to support local businesses who offer Gluten Free products which are also Environment Friendly. Please contact us here

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